A sweet escape: Batangas weekend getaway

Before the summer of last year, I went to La Luz Resort in San Juan, Batangas to take some time off and simply relax. Indeed, I enjoyed a stress-free weekend, away from the busy streets of the city.

La Luz means “the light”. The beauty of the place itself gives justice to its name. During the day, all that you’ll see are blues and whites. The calm sea invites you to swim in its warm waters. The sky promises a bright, sunlit day.

La Luz Beachfront

Cabanas line up along the beachfront

At night, lanterns and torches light the area.

Dining area

Torches lit the walkway

The resort sits at the foot of Mt. Daguldol. From Manila, it will take you almost three hours by bus going to Candelaria town proper, another 30 minutes going to the town of San Juan and 30 minutes from there to the Barrio of Hugom. To get there, ride a bus (Jack Liner or Jam, Cubao Terminal) bound for Lucena. Alight in front of Chowking in Candelaria, Quezon. Take a jeepney going to San Juan town market. There are a lot of jeepney terminals going to different towns and barrios, so look  for the one that will get you to Hugom. From town to La Luz, the fare is P40 per person.

Last year, an overnight stay costs P2,550 for an annex room (good for 4 persons). You will have to pay a separate amount for food package which costs about P1,000. It includes three meals (lunch, dinner, breakfast) and afternoon merienda. I must say that the buffet is worth your money. For updated rates and other info, you can visit http://www.laluzresort.com/.

Besides swimming, hiking is the best activity to do while you’re there. After an hour and a half walk (without backpacks), you can already view the vast seascape. It’s best to hike early in the morning to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. I was not able to reach the summit though, which was another 3-hour walk. Did I mention that you need a guide to get you to Mt. Daguldol? You would need to “book” a guide at least a few hours before the trek. If you will hike in the morning, inform the guide one day before. I just couldn’t remember how much I paid for that, but you can ask anyone from the resort about this.

The resort is also perfect for taking stunning photos. The view, especially at sunset, is simply beautiful. They also have a great spot for group picture taking. Natural rock formations in the area add beauty to the seascape.

Like a river joining the sea

A light meets darkness: La Luz at dusk

There are times I forget to take photos of magnificent sceneries. I promise to keep these things only to myself. I want to keep them for the longest time possible because I believe that pictures fade, but memories remain.

I think I just changed my mind. Maybe it’s time to take home more photos to share with people.


2 thoughts on “A sweet escape: Batangas weekend getaway

  1. bratty says:

    The La Luz People are not courteous. If you don’t stay in their hotel they will reprimand you for swimming at their beach front and for Heaven’s sake! even walking on “their” sand. Promise. Its the same stretch of beach… no body owns nature..

    • Julie says:

      hi bratty! I think the guard on duty at night was the one who was kind of strict. There must be a reason for that. I had seen visitors from other resorts “loitering” (and I mean not just walking around and enjoying nature) in front of La Luz. There must also be a reason why visitors from nearby resorts opt to swim at La Luz rather than where they stay in. La Luz has one of the cleanest beachfronts. One reason for their being strict: their liability is limited only to their guests. If in case something bad happens to a non-guest, I don’t think La Luz would be held responsible. If the staff was not able to communicate it in the nicest way s/he could, then that needs to be brought to their attention. Guess I’ll send them an email. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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