Home away from home

I spent my college days in Baguio. If for some it was the best holiday destination, for me it was home.

My friend, who lived in a small boarding house in Loakan, often told me how lucky we were to have a chance to study in such a beautiful place. “Ang lapit ko lang sa John Hay oh”, she said, thinking that not many could get to live there for a long time. She was right. The place was too beautiful that my four years of stay seemed so short.

Long walks up and down Session Road were always tiring yet fun.  Cold nights were usually spent drinking coffee. Nah! Well, it was a choice between beer and gin. Coffee was only for sleepless nights when I have papers due the next morning. After finishing three long exams and squeezing in dance training amid other school works, all in one day, a restful night with friends was the best way to end the day.

rainy evening at UP Baguio

I return to Baguio at least once every year. It’s nice to meet and chat (and drink) with old friends and stroll down Session Road once in a while. I have not toured the whole of Baguio yet. I haven’t been to Bell Church and strawberry farm in La Trinidad. I promise myself to visit soon.

Ah, I miss.


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