Summer Chronicles 2011

My summer blog posts are long overdue. I haven’t updated in awhile, well, since the start of the summer. There’s so much to share and so little time to gather all the words that would describe how amazing the whole season has been for me. (That’s my usual excuse for not writing all the stories cramped up in my head.) But now that summer is almost over, I know I really need to start typing.

I had been to three destinations since March. Summer adventure up north was a great way to welcome the season. For the Holy week, my family and I went to Camarines Sur, which I think will be an annual destination. (We only had that vacay because Mama had work to attend to in Naga. So most likely, hello Bicol next year. Yey!) Two weeks later, we were in Occidental Mindoro to offer thanksgiving and to host a fête for our kababayans and close relatives. You can forget Boracay and Palawan for a sec and discover the less traveled island of Lubang. I brought home with me a bunch of photos that will make you put this vacation spot on your places-to-visit-next-summer list, in case you have one.

So there goes the intro to my summer chronicles for this year. From the time I post this, I should be typing away three stories that will hopefully make you like and love these places I enjoyed to visit.


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