Kicking off the summer with adventure

During summer, beach lovers are sure to head for the water. Some will go to cold places like Baguio or Tagaytay. But for adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies, summer is the best time to try new, thrilling and life-risking activities that might just literally take your breath away…for a few seconds. That’s exactly how I kicked off the summer season.

I’ve never tried zip lining in Tagaytay, but I don’t think I will ever try it, not after that long zip I finished in Pugo Adventure. Imagine yourself like a bird, flying hundreds of feet above the ground, gliding your way across the mountains. That’s how being on that zip line feels like. Pugo Adventure, or simply PUGAD, I must say, is the newest most exciting destination up north today.

At 11:45 pm, Friday, I was already on board a Victory Liner bus going to La Union. I could not help but think of where to stay for I might arrive too early, even before Travelers Inn opens. True enough, I arrived there at 4 am. Good thing, Pike’s Place, a restaurant across the inn, had chairs outside where I could wait. Lesson: Calculate your travel time so you won’t have to wait hours till the sun comes up.

After taking some rest and my meals, I’m off to PUGAD. By the way, if you are a PUGAD guest, your stay at Travelers Inn is cheaper than the price of a regular room. That would be PhP800. Free shuttle service to and from PUGAD is also available.

Upon arriving at PUGAD, you will be asked to register and sign a waiver and pay for the activities you are to try. There are different packages (combinations of activities) you can choose from:

* Package 1: 3 zip lines, rappelling, wall climbing – PhP1,000.00/person

* Package 2: 3rd station zip line, rappelling, wall climbing – PhP500.00/person

* Package 3: Three (3) zip lines – PhP850.00/person


Up in the air from the first station

I picked Package 1. The first zip was the longest, from one mountain to another. The most important thing to do was to smile and spread your arms as you near the end post for a photo op. You can get your photo near the regisration area for only PhP50.  The second zip, I did not enjoy that much, but it’s memorable because I was nearing the end of the zip when I suddenly stopped and slowly moved back.  Maybe I was too light (haha). One kuya came to my rescue and pulled me from the middle of the zip. The third was a short one, right above the swimming pool. I forgot to bring rubber shoes, so I did all these with and without my slippers on, the same with wall climbing ang rappelling. Second lesson learned: Never go on an adventure trip without your rubber shoes.

wall climb 2

Almost there but didn't quite reach the top. Next time 🙂


My first time to rappel (yey!)

If you want to swim after you sweat it all out, entrance fee is at PhP150 for adults and PhP100 for kids. Or you can skip that and ride the shuttle back to the inn to take a refreshing bath right before dinner.

In the morning, you can go back to PUGAD and try the other activities. Enjoy the terrain and rent an ATV or a buggy. Or if you’re done with all these, you can just continue your short vacation in a nearby place say, Baguio.

That was what I did, but that’s another story. Two places, one short weekend.  One extra day and I would have gone to Ilocos, too  (haha!). Great start. I definitely had a blast.


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