Seven hours in Baguio (Part 1): Bell Church

Bell Church Main Temple

From Pugo, I took a bus going to Baguio a little past 8 am. At around 9, I was already in the city. I took a cab to my first destination, the Bell Church near the town of La Trinidad, Benguet.

It is a Chinese temple adorned with dragon statues, gardens and gazebos with brass statues of Buddha in them. The place is so quiet and peaceful, very inviting to those want to spend some time to reflect and reunite with their spiritual self. I took pictures of the place, walked around and observed as other vacationers enjoy their own quiet time.


(left-right) Pagodas surround the temple, Standing Budha


Dragons guarding the entrance to the main temple

As I entered the main temple, my intention was to know what my future will be like. My friend told me that in front of the temple, there are sticks with numbers in them and there are cards stored in drawers with the corresponding numbers. My friend and I first thought that that practice was done to know your luck. Yet when I approached one of the people inside and asked about this practice, he explained that it was not about knowing one’s future. It was only done when one is carrying a burden or in a very tough situation and is confused on what s/he should do. The card then would somehow enlighten the person. So I did not do it. Instead, I lighted an insence and prayed for a while.

It’s nice to have some quiet time with yourself once in a while. Sometimes it’s okay to just sit and think of nothing. It’s good to pray and do it sincerely, with no distractions and noise around you. It’s certainly an hour well spent at Bell Church.

After a few more shots, I left the place and head to my next destination, Asin Road.

To be continued…


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