A music-filled evening with Cynthia Alexander

I like Cynthia Alexander. I love her music. I envy her out-of-this-world guitar playing skills. I wish I had her voice. I try to mimic it when I’m alone in my car. She IS pure talent. Did I mention I like her?

Last June 22, my friend and I went to one of her send-off gigs. (Yes, she will be leaving soon.) Unfortunately, we didn’t get to watch her perform. I didn’t know we had to reserve tickets. When I first watched her back in college, I didn’t have to do that. This time it’s different.

Disappointed and feeling very unlucky, we decided to just go home and wait ’til the next day to watch her. We rested for a while at a street corner and talked about the songs we love (even gossiped a little) and just when we were about to leave, I saw Cynthia Alexander. She was right behind us as we talked about her. She was definitely there before we were and God knows how much she’s heard. Photo op. Fan mode on! 🙂


With Ms. Cynthia Alexander (at a street corner)

“Did you see the people in there? We couldn’t even get in. Di nila alam nandito lang kami.” That’s what she said when we told her we couldn’t watch her that night. She’s very accommodating and gracious. The music industry needs more artists like her.

I did see her perform the next night. Though I was with friends, I had my alone time during one song. I think there exists a special connection between the artist and the audience or between the song itself and the listener, for that matter, when the setting is less formal. I guess that’s why I never go to big music concerts. I get to enjoy some quiet time with myself, no pretensions, just plain love for music.


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