Gifts that hint travel

I turned 25 last week. And I think I got the best gifts ever. Not to mention, some of them I really like because they somehow predict that I’d be out to travel soon.

clothes bag

Get organized.

First up. Clothes bag/organizer. Well, it’s actually called a garment cube, according to my friend. She knows I always have a hard time organizing my stuff, so here’s a solution. When we travel as a family, my sister and I share one suitcase. My things get all cluttered and everything’s a mess. This bag is spacious enough to fit in clothes good for five days. This is exactly what I need to keep me from bringing things I don’t need.

good book

Bring a book.

I particularly like this gift because it gives me hope that someday I would get to visit Italy.


Letter to Juliet

And it has this unused stationery at the end of the book. So sometime in the future, I just have to bring this to Verona and use it.

Why bring a book when you travel? It keeps you company, simple as that.


Fancy travel bag

Now this one I didn’t expect to get. This is from my mom which I will probably be sharing with her and my sisters, too. My friend who gave me the garment cube said that I’m no longer a mountaineer but more of a jet setter these days. And when I got this orange bag I thought she was right. But I don’t think I would ditch my hiking pack for this. Besides, my backpack’s from mama, too.

Really nice and special gifts this year. I just hope I would get to use these very soon. *fingers crossed*


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