Pre-travel tip: Saving up is hard to do

So many things to do, so many places yet to be explored, but so little money to spend. Yeah, I have that problem, too. So here are a few tips I wish to give those who find it difficult to save specially for their travel plans.

Personal saving tips:

  •  Cut your expenses. It’s a cliche to say that your “wants” must be separated from your “needs”, but I’m writing it anyway. Dine out less often. Skip your weekly or monthly movie dates and concert watching. In times like these, choose to be a homebody.
  • Open a travel fund account. For me the easiest way is to open a separate savings (ATM) account specifically intended for travel, which I did just recently. Deposit a fixed amount every month to this account. There are banks that offer low initial deposit, with no maintaining balance. Scout for the best offer and you’re set.
  • Invest. In a certain book I read written by a financial adviser, it says there that money spent for leisure activities must come from earnings from your savings. But assuming you have yet to learn how to invest, saving a part of your monthly disposable income for travel is an easier option.

These are ways to save which I’m actually trying out for myself. Do you have your own saving tips to share? Feel free to comment. 🙂


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