New beginnings and an awesome new technology

I’m back!!!!! Finally! I’m posting something new!

I haven’t updated my blog since November (yeah, that’s more than half a year!) and now, despite my suuuuper busy sched, I’m blogging again.

I’m planning to reinvent my blog, that is, post other stuff that may still be travel-related, but not totally just about me and my trips. I’ll be sharing interesting photos and reads. I’ll be posting about my dream getaways, and possibly, what I do to make them happen.

For starters, let me share this exciting new project of Google. A friend emailed this post to me and I’m truly excited to share it to everyone.

Google introduces its new program called Trekker. It is a wearable backpack that is designed to map places that Google Maps can’t reach. How awesome is that? Now Google is looking for interested groups from different sectors that would want to borrow and wear Trekker on their trips. They are actually looking for not only brave, but also strong people who can carry this 40-pound backpack. Individuals who wish to apply for the project will also be considered.

As for me, I guess I need to shape up before even trying to consider applying.



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