Stormy Coron Adventures

The Philippines offers 7,107 islands to everyone who wants to experience a holiday in the tropics.  Imagine yourself…basking under the sun, sinking your feet into fine white sand and swimming in crystal clear blue waters.  One of the best islands to visit in the Philippines is Coron.  Coron is about an hour’s flight from Manila.   People from all over the world have raved about its beauty.  However, just like any other island in the country, Coron is not exempted from the wrath of the monsoon rains.Last August, we went to Coron.  Now remember, the Philippines has basically two seasons; the wet and the dry.  August falls on the wet season.

Hello, Coron. :)

Hello, Coron. 🙂

Though excited, we managed our expectations; we knew that chances are the weather will not be perfectly sunny on the duration of our stay.  When we got to Coron Eco Lodge, it started to rain.  It rained so hard, it felt like a storm was upon us.  Needless to say, all island hopping tours were cancelled that day for safety reasons.

Worry not, all was not lost.  The town of Coron offers other activities and attractions for visitors like us were stuck in the island for the day.

We did not let our afternoon go to waste.  First stop was a climb up Mt. Tapyas.  Lucky for us, the foot of Mt. Tapyas was only a stone’s throw away from where we are staying.  If your accommodation is a bit farther off or you don’t feel like walking to the base of the mountain, you can always take a tryke, fare is about P10 per person.  From the foot of Mt. Tapyas, you need to climb up 700 steps to get to the top.

Last two…HUNDRED steps! :)

Last two…HUNDRED steps! 🙂

At the top you can get a 360 degree view of the town.  It’s also a great spot to watch the sunset, but given the weather conditions during the time of our visit, there was no sunset for us.





After taking a few moments to enjoy the view, we made our way down.  We walked back to the lodge and got ready for our next and final attraction for the day, Maquinit Hot Spring.


A long way up…a long way down.


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