Lubang Island: My two-hour dip

Yup. That’s what I got during my entire stay in this beautiful island in Occidental Mindoro, Philippines – two hours of sand and sea vitamins.

My Mom, together with my aunt, was voted as this year’s Mayordoma for the annual Santacruzan festival. Nine long days full of prayer and processions, street dancing and of course, Sagalahan and closing festivities for two more days. We came late for the celebration, arriving only in time for the Sagalahan, which my sister and I were a part of.

Lots of work to do, so little time, they always say. So that’s basically the reason why I only had two hours of almost free time. But you know what, it was enough – and worth it, as always.

Lubang 4

Low tide at Punong Bato Resort, Lubang Island


Lubang 3

Favorite sunset



Lubang 2

Silhouettes never get old.

Lubang 1

Natarajasana (Lord of the Dance pose)

With a sunset like that, what is two two hours? Perfect.




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