Stormy Coron Adventures 2

The weather during our second day in Coron was kinder. The skies cleared up a bit, the sun was even peeking through the clouds a number of times.

At 10am, we were off to our island hopping tour. We availed of Nice in Paradise Travel and Tours’ “Coron Island Tour” or “Tour A”. This tour was conveniently arranged for us by our Lodge’s front desk.

The rates of island tours in Coron are pretty much standardized, so prices do not really vary between tour operators. For P850, you will get to visit six attractions: Kayangan Lake, Twin Peak Reef, Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon, CYC Beach and Balinsasayaw Floating House. However, due to a not so perfect weather condition, the tour’s itinerary was slightly modified. Instead of going to Twin Peak Reef and Banol Beach, we visited Atwayan Island and Smith Coral Garden. We were also not able to go to CYC Beach and Balinsasayaw Floating House.

First stop: Kayangan Lake


Entrance to Kayangan Lake 

Dubbed as the cleanest lake in Asia, this 60-ft deep body of water really lived up to its reputation. Despite its depth, you can still see the rock formations within the lake. That is how clear the waters are. You don’t need a mask or goggles to enjoy the “view”.


End of hike. Welcome to Kayangan Lake.


Deep, clear waters of Kayangan.

Atwayan Island and Buffet Lunch

This was the only part of the tour where I was confident enough to remove my life vest. The water was friendly enough for a leisurely swim, not that deep and no strong waves. We also had our lunch here. The tour package includes a buffet lunch and an afternoon snack.


At Atwayan, tourists take a quick dip before having lunch. 

Snorkeling at Smith Coral Garden

For me, this is the highlight of the tour. The corals were amazing! They were full of life and color. I’ll let you be the judge:

My words will never do the sights justice. It’s better for the photos to tell the tale.


Smith Coral Garden


Underwater beauty


Full of life, yet so peaceful. It makes you forget about the storm brewing above the waters.

After swimming around for half an hour, we went off to our last stop for the day.

Final Stop: Twin Lagoon

It was already around four in the afternoon and the tide was already high. Our tour guides had a very ingenious way of ferrying us from our boat to the lagoon.


This was how we went in. Not sure if we were happy, excited or scared in this photo, though. Haha

The lagoon was encased by tall karst limestone rock formations. Once inside, you get a feeling that you are inside a movie set. It was just surreal. Again the waters we were treading were deep, despite the clarity of the water, I had difficulty seeing the sea bed. It was a bit eerie, apart from the other tourists there were no other people in sight, and yet our tour guide told us that there were communities that inhabit the place. Sometimes, you get the feeling that you’re being watched, but when you look around the limestone cliffs there is really no one there, or so I think.


Inside the lagoon. We didn’t realise that our camera lens had droplet/s of water, hence the blurred portion of this photo. Still a sight to behold.

After floating around for half an hour so. It was time to head back. It was getting late and the weather was not cooperating.

It is true that Coron’s beauty is really beyond what you see in the surface. It is a haven for divers or even those who just love to be in the water. In reality, I’m really more of a heights than depths person. However, despite not being a proficient swimmer, I was still able to enjoy the beauty of Coron’s waters.


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