Plan ahead. That is one travel tip that all vacationers need to do before packing. Just like in writing, it’s easier to compose anything when you got an outline on hand. Never go on a trip unprepared of your itinerary because not doing so might just ruin what could have been an enjoyable vacation.


Of course I’ve had a series of unfortunate trips as well. One was in April 2009. We went to Hong Kong and I did not do any research at all. I did not know where it’s best to eat in our area, what places to go to in the evening besides the night market at Temple Street and worst, I did not know what the weather would be like during our visit. It was the beginning of the rainy season and there were heavy rains all throughout our stay. No plans + not-so-good-weather = Next time I must plan ahead.

You can check out this page for suggested itineraries particularly for long and short weekends and treks and camping. You can never go wrong with planned vacations and believe me, your trip will be more fulfilling when you know you followed everything as planned.



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